Farm Mortgages

Our loans provide financing to all types of farming operations, from row crop producers to livestock operations to specialty crops, such as almond growers, wineries, seed corn producers or even aquaculture. You can find funds to refinance your operation or make new real estate purchases. Each loan is tailored to your needs with payment plans and features that are customized to fit your operation.

Some things to know:

Loans are made for up to 70% of the land value or purchase price.Anyone who produces farm income is eligible (that includes those who cash rent their farm land).You'll need current financial statements, tax records and farm records.You can refinance an existing loan to save money; shorten or lengthen your term.You can use farmland you own as collateral.Get pre-approved for an auction or private purchase.

When you are shopping for a mortgage, it’s important to realize lenders combine many conditions that impact the price and your future flexibility. You are interested in what happens when you want to pay extra principal on the loan. You are interested in how an adjustable product may re-price, or use so-called caps to protect your upside risk. Our products offer many of these same options. But we want you to be well-informed about the choices you have.

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